Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am nearly finished this little picture.  It is one I started ages ago and it has sat unfinished for a couple of years I think, without a background.  I haven't been game to put in the background - fear of backgrounds has been my thing but I am going to ditch this silly phobia as of now.  Anyway, as the little critters and balloons are watercolor I didn't think acrylic in the background would work, I thought it would be too strong, but yesterday I just though 'don't be precious, who cares if I muck it up' and just painted it all blue and am actually quite happy with how the acrylic actually almost highlights the watercolor figures.  Now I am just going to do a little line work with black ink around the balloons and the strings etc and then I think it will be finished.

I did this cover for a friend and I am really happy with how the owls worked out but I have made the case a little too cosy for the item as far as the zip space goes so am going to add a couple of centimetres to the zip side for future ones that are intended for the I pad (is that what it is called?).