Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Working through a bad case of long-term 'Artist's Block'

Oh how I want to paint!!! And get rid of all my silly fears and nasty little inner voices,and lack of confidence etc...and just paint cos I can't stop...not caring what the finished product is like, and most of all not worrying what other people think (or what I think other people think). Out of frustration with myself the other day, I pulled out a blank canvas, chucked it on the easel, blobbed some paint onto my palette and made myself paint anything that was close by and not worry about the subject or how the process was looking...It is still a 'work in process' but I am having fun (though those nasty little inner voices keep chipping in frequently with their unhelpfulness).

1 comment:

Leny said...

Love the painting with the girl,dolly and teddybear!!