Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hottie covers are fun!!!

Haven't been here for a while as I haven't had a chance to be creative other than painting walls and re-arranging the place so children finally have their own rooms etc.  It has been like moving in and unpacking all over chaotic and time-consuming!  Finally though, we are organized (at least superficially) so I can get back to creating...yay.
  My dearest buddy's darling daughter is having a birthday today and when I asked her mum what could we give her ... 'hottie cover' was the request.  She LOVES animals and pink and as it is something to keep her warm and cosy I tried it in the minky fleece ... I hope she will like it! 
Hottie covers are so much fun to make!  I think I will make tons of them...I just love doing them. 
Thank-you heaps Cam at Curlypops for letting me join in the hottie challenge at the last minute.  The 'challenge' was such a lovely, fun and successsful way to raise money for The Margaret Pratt Foundation. Congratulations Cam on your all your fabulous work and effort that you put into the Hottie Challenge, and all the very best to you. :)


CurlyPops said...

Gorgeous Ro! You're now a Hottie professional.

Beck said...

What a lovely pressie, so personal and pretty, I bet she will adore it. You are so clever Ro! Well done xo

fuzziteddybear said...
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fuzziteddybear said...

Thanks heaps guys. I can't wait to get onto another one and to see what hottie creation pops out from under my sewing machine needle is SO much fun!!! exciting - she loved it!!!:)